Dent in a Relationship? Here is Why.

Old relations are cherished, but they are fragile too. Ever wondered why some happy-go-lucky relationships suddenly crumble upon petty issues. This may include any relation-brother, sister, friends, neighbours, schoolmates, colleagues. In a simple defence, some may play a card of “misunderstanding” or “communication gap” to justify their failure in the relationship. But I have deduced … Continue reading Dent in a Relationship? Here is Why.

Papa! I am Still Learning to Live Without You

A man of steel, who has all the emotions of the world – care, fears, love, anger, concern, and above all, extremely protective. He is the father for whom all the happenings around the world will affect his daughter, whether good or bad. He is the father who may not have cried when his daughter … Continue reading Papa! I am Still Learning to Live Without You

How My Old Father Feels About Living In India?

This blog is on-demand from my father, who is at present 84 years of age. It is my father's day gift to him (though it is coming a bit late). My father and I were chatting over the phone about how the life of people is different in London and India. I was busy putting … Continue reading How My Old Father Feels About Living In India?

Parents’ Relocation – A Dilemma

The other day, I was having a discussion with my husband about whether parents should relocate themselves with their kids once they are old. I know, you must be thinking, what's there to discuss here; this is obvious; it is the right thing to do and ethical too. Exactly! This is what I said to … Continue reading Parents’ Relocation – A Dilemma

A Naive Indian – Living Outside

I am a proud Indian. When we travel outside our own country, it is exciting to see how other nationals take us and our country. I have encountered some mesmerizing moments while travelling from New Delhi, India to London, United Kingdom. Last year in August 2017, I moved to London with my husband and one-year-old … Continue reading A Naive Indian – Living Outside

Valentine’s Day for Parents

I remember the excitement for the month of February when Valentine's week approached, and every couple used to spend days & nights thinking how to make it special for each other. A planning for different celebrating days of the Valentine week is no less complex than an event planning; it must be unique, special, full … Continue reading Valentine’s Day for Parents

A Fun Ride Called Parenting

It is quite an amusement to see your child reach his growth milestones. Even the tiniest change in their mental and physical health makes our heart goes swelled up with happiness & satisfaction. We parents are always concerned about our baby's growth. At times, we make a comparison with others. This is a healthy way of knowing whether we are succeeding as a parent or rework is required. The whole parenting … Continue reading A Fun Ride Called Parenting

Christmas – Preparing for Very First Celebration

I have always heard about Christmas. Since I was born in a family of different cultural beliefs, it was not celebrated in my family but its charm always made me sing Christmas Carols, dressed up in something warm red, felt like Santa is descending from North Pole riding his reindeer sleigh. Christmas is a type … Continue reading Christmas – Preparing for Very First Celebration

When My Husband Got Pregnant

Now that I have your attention, let me assure you nothing has happened against nature. I chose this title since I feel my husband equally experienced my pregnancy, in his own world; a world where resides the happiness, suspense, planning, fear, excitement, pride and above all, love. My husband is calm and cute personality. A … Continue reading When My Husband Got Pregnant