Dent in a Relationship? Here is Why.

Old relations are cherished, but they are fragile too. Ever wondered why some happy-go-lucky relationships suddenly crumble upon petty issues. This may include any relation-brother, sister, friends, neighbours, schoolmates, colleagues. In a simple defence, some may play a card of “misunderstanding” or “communication gap” to justify their failure in the relationship. But I have deduced... Continue Reading →

"Savage Peoples are ruled by passion, civilized Peoples by the mind."                                                         - Carl Von Clausewitz Everyone accepts the fact that it is the citizen of the country who maketh... Continue Reading →

A Naive Indian – Living Outside

I am a proud Indian. When we travel outside our own country, it is exciting to see how other nationals take us and our country. I have encountered some mesmerizing moments while travelling from New Delhi, India to London, United Kingdom. Last year in August 2017, I moved to London with my husband and one-year-old... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day for Parents

I remember the excitement for the month of February when Valentine's week approached, and every couple used to spend days & nights thinking how to make it special for each other. A planning for different celebrating days of the Valentine week is no less complex than an event planning; it must be unique, special, full... Continue Reading →

A Fun Ride Called Parenting

It is quite an amusement to see your child reach his growth milestones. Even the tiniest change in their mental and physical health makes our heart goes swelled up with happiness & satisfaction. We parents are always concerned about our baby's growth. At times, we make a comparison with others. This is a healthy way of knowing whether we are succeeding as a parent or rework is required. The whole parenting... Continue Reading →


"She is my Son" uttered a proud father of a daughter as she was doing everything in her life which is only expected to be done by a son. This may sound like quite an achievement for the girl daughter but this sentiment has a darker side attached to it. Let me explain. I was born in 20th Century. It was... Continue Reading →

When My Husband Got Pregnant

Now that I have your attention, let me assure you nothing has happened against nature. I chose this title since I feel my husband equally experienced my pregnancy, in his own world; a world where resides the happiness, suspense, planning, fear, excitement, pride and above all, love. My husband is calm and cute personality. A... Continue Reading →

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