Motherhood – Do not claim to know it unless you experience it

A woman is someone’s daughter, wife, friend, soul mate, daughter-in-law, a co-worker. In each of these roles, she has her own privileges and responsibilities. And if you want to see all these roles in combined action, go and meet a mom.

I haven’t had guts ( or I didn’t care; well! who does) to think about all this until I became a mom. To flaunt, I am now a mother of a 5-month-old boy. And after becoming mom first thing that rang into mind is my mother’s favourite saying, ” you will understand this (imagine any situation) when you will become a mom”. Surprisingly, it is true.

Motherhood is yet another feeling of achievement well complimented with a essence of love and responsibility. When the doctor gave me the first glance of my tiny shiny baby boy, the brain wave floated and asked: ” did I make this?”. And when he looked at me with smirking smile, with his one eye closed as if he knew all the time that he was inside me… Oh, my! There is no word at all to describe what went through my mind. Actually, it was one of those moments which are only enjoyed by heart and mind fails to construct any word or sentence.

Every member of the family makes its women feel special. And when she carries a baby, the whole world joins them in their mission. I really enjoyed being pregnant. People around me in my neighborhood, malls, road, market, almost everyone seem happy and wanted to eagerly contribute to my journey of becoming a mom. Someone was offering me food that would make my baby fair, somebody was trying to talk in a manner as to send positive signals to womb, many gave me suggestions through their own experience; a completely unknown aunty from a shop showered blessings and asked me to come back to her to tell her about the result. Family members called almost every day to ask how am I feeling today. Passersby giving side look to my baby bump. Oh! I loved that times of seeking all attention.
And when the baby comes on board, I may have felt that baby has stolen all the charm. Well, I don’t mind this at all. And here you are – a selfless mother.

It is usually said that motherhood completes a woman. Literally! When I am lying beside my boy feeling sleepy but my boy does not ( and touches my cheek with all affection in the world), you don’t feel angry but proud that you are your child’s favorite. When my son is being called by someone from outside and he happily climbs on their lap, all smiling & playing, I admit, I feel jealous and started doubting my unique importance to him. But when he feels distressed and only calms up when I hug him, I feel like I am the most magical women in the world.

I am growing as a mother with my growing son. He is learning new things and I am learning how to make him learn those. Whole day I keep reminding myself of a checklist – keep him comfortable, help him develop his brain, make him strong boy, keep him smiling, talk as much as you can, be vigilant for any unhappy signs, make him meet people, keep note of what he likes & dislikes, dress him smartly or beautifully and aptly. This is my daily list which is, with passing time is evergrowing.

See, how I am flaunting being a new mother as if I am the only one enjoying. But as a matter of fact, fatherhood completes motherhood. I am not going to elaborate on this since I like to get importance. But this fact is always there ( and cared) in some deep corner of my heart. ( Sorry hubby. You will get a limelight in another article. Promise!)

There is more to this role. There is a state of satisfaction as well. I start comparing me and my husband’s upbringing as a child with that of our son. By doing this I could have milestones that are to be achieved by my son, I could decide which quality can be induced or deduced by my son. Basically, we think we can make up his personality. The one with all good features that we know and without all evils that we fear. And in this process I have got an enlightenment – I and my hubby have more bad habits than we thought.

So like every other mother in the world, I am blessed with some VIPed reserved feelings. I have just started to gallop the excitement, love, and care. And extremely excited to wait for each coming second to experience more.

Oh! My partner-in-fun is up from sleep.

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