When My Husband Got Pregnant

Now that I have your attention, let me assure you nothing has happened against nature. I chose this title since I feel my husband equally experienced my pregnancy, in his own world; a world where resides the happiness, suspense, planning, fear, excitement, pride and above all, love.

My husband is calm and cute personality. A good planner, music lover to its core, great at heart, witty, extraordinary in compiling friendship and a great promise keeper ( he promised to marry me in 2005 and did so in 2014). These are his genetic characteristics. Then he did have some acquired ones: pampered due to being the only child, extremely sensitive and lazy as he was never expected to be helping out in household chores since he lived in the joint family. Whatever, I love this man.

When I broke the “good news” to him, he was in the office so of course, I couldn’t see his first reaction. But I know what he must have thought in that moment, and to quote ” I did it”. This was exactly what I said to me when I saw two pink positive lines on the testing stick. Do not judge us; every parent-to-be has the same thought.

Well, this moment of pride lasts for few seconds only; ahead lies a mattress of unknowns.

Comparatively, it is convenient for a mom-to-be to go through the pregnancy phase ( In a literal sense, I  am just kidding) since you are the center of attraction. You have doctors for health care, parents and friends for emotional care, husband for financial care and strangers to random-stuff care but for a father-to-be, this is a real roller-coaster time.

During these nine months, I never felt my husband loosing his confidence, no matter what. When I was enjoying my charming pregnancy care, he was busy planning as to how to make everything comfortable for me; be it engaging cook for two meals, shifting his office timings, removing all slippery surfaces and things, keeping AC well maintained.

When I was down with morning sickness, I always found him standing beside me, rubbing my back and consoling all is well. Everytime! When I couldn’t manage to go out for movie or dining, he never left me alone at home to went out with his friends. Not only personal, but all his professional decisions revolved around my EDD ( Expected Delivery Date). He never ate favorite stuff of mine from which I was banned. Never missed accompanying me for my doctor’s visit. Held my hand every time I climbed down the stairs. He always listened to my blah blah about my pregnancy sprouts, calling 5-8 times a day from office just to ask whether I am following the food and exercise routine. And with all these caring time for me, he planned for our upcoming expenses, life changes, mood swings handling; plus he imagined the cuddles he will give to the baby, decided to take leave from office just to play with the baby.
These are just a few instances of how he enjoyed me being pregnant. The list can go on and on. And even after our son’s birth, he has transformed as a parent just as I did.
Now I know why couple says ” We are pregnant”.

Our baby boy is one year old now, and I always imagine him grow up like his father.

P.S. I may not have done enough justice with the words as what he has done is par excellence but this writing is just to say I know it wasn’t easy for you. But you are doing great.

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