Christmas – Preparing for Very First Celebration

I have always heard about Christmas. Since I was born in a family of different cultural beliefs, it was not celebrated in my family but its charm always made me sing Christmas Carols, dressed up in something warm red, felt like Santa is descending from North Pole riding his reindeer sleigh.

Christmas is a type of festival that not only entice kids but adults too. It is all because of its pleasantness – the pleasant shine of baubles, happy looking sparkling Christmas trees, the tingling sound of bells, people wearing red which goes absolutely stunning against the white snow all over. The feel in itself is mesmerising. And for me I have all reasons to be mesmerised – one, because it is my son’s first Christmas and second, I am in London where I can be a part of this biggest of all celebration. I am too excited for it.

Silver-Blue Baubles Light – Christmas 2017 Central London

Since it is all about making this Christmas special for my year-old pumpkin, my thoughts wander in the same direction. I am looking for Christmas Jumpers in the shops, going for window shopping to check out what all decorative options are available, what kind of Christmas trees are there, what gift should I buy for my Son and family, etc. Sometimes, I am out there in the market just to make sure I do not miss any pre-Christmas preparations. I have got some really cool decoration pictures. Have a look at the collage


Green & Red Christmas Stuff All Around – Hounslow High Street

London is such a welcoming place. People do greet you with excited tone, they will pass a hello smile whenever you cross the ways, they will help you if you are struggling to manage your baby with your shopping bags. And this festive season has added something more to this – party invitations, all around you. Every shop, restaurant, community centre, banquets, etc. have planned something.  There is an invitation at my son’s Children’s Learning Centre where there will be music, dance, lunch, gifts, games. It will be his first ever individual party (Apart from his first birthday, where we adults had our kind of fun and he was just wondering why they are so happy today).

Every day when he is out with me, I try to prepare him for the upcoming and what he can expect. He might be too young to understand what exactly I wish to tell him but I have a plan. Every day I show him Christmas Jingles, whenever I take him out I show him Christmas tree, make my own stories about Santa Clause. Hope the plan would work.

I have seen travellers from foreign lands to come to India and witness our cultural festivals. They adopt the festive attires, perform the rituals and do everything to make us feel that they enjoy being with us. Now, it is on me to reciprocate the same.

Wishing Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to Every Human Kind.

Enjoy some of the pictures from London and see how we are so ready to celebrate this Christmas.

Sparkling Red Santa’s Cap – Tower Bridge Road, London 2017
Huge Christmas – Covent Garden, London
Angels Descending to Bless Us All – Reagent Street, London 2017
Angelic Feel – Piccadilly Circus, London 2017
Glittery Cover – Richmond Road, London



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