“She is my Son” uttered a proud father of a daughter as she was doing everything in her life which is only expected to be done by a son. This may sound like quite an achievement for the girl daughter but this sentiment has a darker side attached to it. Let me explain.

I was born in 20th Century. It was the era when girls were on the verge of becoming modern-day lady. By the time I came to my senses about the world around, I was in 21st Century. I have witnessed how mobile phone was only meant to be for rich businessman people; there were hardly any laptops to be seen at home; you had have to enter bare foot in a computer room of any office; schools only taught us working with DOS, outdoor games were the only entertainment source and we girls, were not allowed to be too friendly with our boy classmates. While growing up all these years, one thing got imbibed in every girls’ mind (I really do not remember how did this happen) that boys are more wanted than girls. There were many arguments over this, some were quite straight while others were indirect. It was widespread in the society. It was so prominent that even your broad-minded, highly educated parents couldn’t help but made their daughter think that you will be well-off if you will be like a boy. And this led to not-so pleasant consequences.

We are now living in a most developed world where everybody is fighting for a single cause i.e. FREEDOM. Freedom of decision about marriage (same sex marriage included), political freedom, work freedom, to decide number of children, inter-communal marriage and what not. Even then, I can sense that the Women are not able to free their identity from men. They have now started taking the burden of being Men just to prove that they can be as strong as them. Just to be clear, I am not a feminist nor supporting any argument like women are greater than men since I feel this is absurd. No, really. According to me, each living being on this earth has its own existence and role to play. I am not sure how this whole gender war got started but this is actually destroying the faith of women in themselves.

There are numerous occasions in social and work life where women keep on doing stuff what men do, under the pressure to prove (God knows, What!). They will drink irresponsibly, drive rash and take up unnecessary manly behaviour. Dear ladies, this is not necessary. Deep down, you know you have those feminine feelings. When under “Be a Man” pressure you drink unmanaged takilla shots, you still think that hope this does affect my chances of having a healthy baby. Trust me, this is not bad at all. This is how we women are filled with motherly emotions and this is our strength. We have to maintain that balance between “Just being Women” and ” Pretending to be Wo(Men)”. I know it is the society and the past centuries which may have modified women’s behaviour but now is the time to be free, as I said before. We have made our elders believe that time has changed a lot, it is now our turn to make ourselves believe that it really has. We women no longer have to compete with men by being men.







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