From Executive bag to a diaper bag

It was summer of 2010. She was still recovering from the biggest loss of her life; 6 months ago, her mother has traveled to another universe, leaving her all shattered on earth. Just like her mother, she is quite a strong woman and hence decided to move on so as to mentally support her father. It was the hardest time. But she had such good friends and a special someone who made her even stronger. Her post-graduation was on a brim of completion and it was a crucial time since she has to make a transition from college graduate to a working professional. Collecting her soul together, she got herself ready to face the corporate and joined her first ever job.

This day was the only dream of her departed mother – to see her daughter standing successful all by herself on a great career position. And finally, when it began to happen, she missed it. Cruel Time! The girl had a great start at her office. She had great seniors, good projects, appreciation and promising future. She enjoyed working a lot and soon became workaholic. There were challenges at work, more expectations and she proved herself at each instance. It was a period of high dreams, a phase which gave wings and makes her believe that she can fly. Everything seems sorted. She dreamt big and imagined a spacious office of her own with an authoritative position, traveling all around the world, be a known personality and stuff like that ( You know what I mean). And then after 4 years of her dreamy life, she got married to the man of her dream; with whom she always wanted to be, forever. She felt so lucky and thought nothing can stop her from achieving the greatest. She could see the priorities straight and now she had more people to share her dreamy vision (husband and in-laws). They all were helping her at every point to make her realize what she aspires. Husband never asked to cook an extra meal and mother-in-law never asked to help her in household works. In short, it was like a focused life which cannot go any other way. Then came the year 2016 and this girl, or you can say an over-ambitious girl found out she is expecting her first baby. Whoa!

Hey. This may sound like a familiar story to you because it happens to almost every girl of 21st Century. So what’s different? The difference is how the story proceeds. It may be a beginning of an irritable journey or a soothing one. However it may begin, but the result ( being mother) makes you win, always.

So, back to our girl. She did not know how, but she couldn’t think anything about her career now. All she was looking forward was her journey into motherhood. You may give credit to hormones here, but she had changed dreams, just like that. Her biggest dream now is to see her son grow up as a fine gentleman. This isn’t an easy task for our girl because of three reasons:

  1. She had a dynamic professional past
  2. There are ever growing success stories about successful working mothers
  3. She wants her son to be proud of her

Reason#1 is too compelling but not as much as the presence of her loving son. Reason#2 sometimes provoke her and make her rethink about her future choices. Reason#3 is the only reason which keeps her going even with too many doubts. And hence she has decided to live the present and keep seeking future. Perfect!

In the present, she has a developing child who needs her more than anything else, who looks towards her for all his actions and who is growing to be a supportive companion of her in the future. And then comes the future, where he may want to share his mother’s successful career stories with his friends and be proud. What if he can’t because his mother (our girl) had other plans and just wanted to up-bring him in the best manner she can? Actually, the girl doesn’t care about this scenario. Being a mother is just like any other professional achievement; both require dedication, hard work, future vision, constant learning and lifetime security. Her son will definitely understand this once he will be a parent.

This is not a sympathetic case of a woman sacrificed her career for the child. The diaper bag has just replaced an executive bag, that’s all. And the best part here in this story is, the girl is following her heart; she will and has always did.


4 thoughts on “From Executive bag to a diaper bag

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  1. It’s a very big achievement and it takes courage and heart to do it.
    The girl can pick up her executive bag again whenever she feels like she and her son are ready🙂


  2. Oh!!it’s so beautiful and for sure ‘Samarth’ your son will be proud of you. Although, the story resembles to the story of most Indian girls, but not all mother’s can be the best like the one Samarth has.

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    1. Hi Neha. I wish Samarth would say that someday. Ha ha ha ha.
      And I am sure about the fact that every mother is best. Whatever they chose, whether job or stay-at-home, all of their thoughts are just targetted to their children and family. It is a privilege for women that they can be multi-tasking.


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