Valentine’s Day for Parents

I remember the excitement for the month of February when Valentine’s week approached, and every couple used to spend days & nights thinking how to make it special for each other. A planning for different celebrating days of the Valentine week is no less complex than an event planning; it must be unique, special, full of surprises, should convey the exact feeling and the D-day should last forever. Gifts stole the whole show and must be something thoughtful. The love seemed to be in the air and your feet flying above the ground. But do you remember what your parents used to do for Valentine’s Day?

Firstly, my parents did not believe in such events as for them the love is not to be displayed publicly. Secondly, I guess, they do not want to encourage us towards adopting such practices hence never paid much attention to it. It was their era of shyness and restrictive cultural practices. How about parents of today’s generation, I mean us. We consider ourselves from a century of transformation; we were born in a restrictive society and grown up in more liberal one. So how should we, the parents of today celebrate Valentine’s day? If you ask me, we are no different than our parents as far as the celebration is concerned but the reasons are different.

It is true that after becoming parents, everything revolves around your kids, especially when they are infants under 2 years of age. Unmarried people remind you about this day of celebrating love. Couple parents wish each other for the day but soon their discussion goes back to their kids. They equally divide this love-in-the-air feeling between themselves and kids. This is the actual essence of Valentine’s Day; to spread and double the feeling of love & being loved.

Kids are like permanent cupid between both the parent. For me and my husband, being parents of a one and half-year-old son, Valentine’s Day is bringing other fresh vibes. We are feeling more accomplished in terms of our love and feeling for each other. We may not be celebrating the week with dinners, gifts (though I always get something), long-drive, but we are happy to be getting old together. We sit together and watch our son learn new lovely things and this further strengthens our bond with each other. He now loves me more for being the mother of his son.

Happy Valentine’s Day to love of my life and father of my child. Love you always.








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