Papa! I am Still Learning to Live Without You

A man of steel, who has all the emotions of the world – care, fears, love, anger, concern, and above all, extremely protective. He is the father for whom all the happenings around the world will affect his daughter, whether good or bad. He is the father who may not have cried when his daughter was down with fever but couldn’t sleep the whole night. He is the father who, in the financial crisis, saved his savoury from the office place for his daughter, even though he was hungry. He is the father whose only aim in life was to make his daughter independent to face the world in any situation whatsoever. He is the father who is mine. And when he left this world for his heavenly abode, my whole living came to a pause.

Words are just not right to describe the feeling. There is one thought which crosses my mind, almost every day – he is never going to come back. NEVER. This thought is haunting, and I skip my heartbeat at it.
He has been my most substantial support since I began my life. His love and experience made me fearless while making decisions as he was there to make things right if they go wrong. My present personality and happy life is all his upbringing. Since childhood, he encouraged me to go and try the world on my own. On my fall, he has suffered some significant losses, financially and otherwise, but that did not divert him from his mission of teaching confidence in me. He prepared me to face life & its offerings. My occasional success was his revitalizing tonic.
He liked it the most when I write something like “The Writer”. So I thought of writing a eulogy for him. My mind is full of words to describe him and his role in my life, but my heart is just empty. I guess some things can only be felt; words may not do justice with the emotions.
So, let me just say, “I Miss You Papa”. And I also wish reincarnation works.

4 thoughts on “Papa! I am Still Learning to Live Without You

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  1. “Father“ a true role model for girls, one to whom we always look up to for anything.
    N u beautifully narrated Priyanka my eyes were filled with tears as with each day time is passing and our parents are getting old. I don’t know what would be my life after them.


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