My name is Priyanka Berry. I come from a land of diversity – India. After spending almost half of my lifespan in completing the life-necessary ( studying, graduating, full-time job, marrying, becoming a mother) I have now decided to do what will give satisfaction to my soul; I meant writing.

Though I have written a lot of content while I was at my job, nothing has made me, what everyone calls, a writer. For the same reason, I wanted to write my heart out; whatever pleases me, whatever significant is occurring around and whatever is worth sharing. Therefore, this blog!

Apart from writing my inner-self, I am well-equipped with following

  1. Create content for web pages along with effective SEO, for the products or services.
  2. I can also write blogs and article related to varied topics, of course after doing some research.
  3. I can also create content for printed material like user-manuals for the products and services.

This means, that if you happen to be looking for a content writer, all you have to do is to fill the “Hire Me” form below and we can discuss further.

Do check out my professional content writing work.

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