Dent in a Relationship? Here is Why.

Old relations are cherished, but they are fragile too. Ever wondered why some happy-go-lucky relationships suddenly crumble upon petty issues. This may include any relation-brother, sister, friends, neighbours, schoolmates, colleagues. In a simple defence, some may play a card of “misunderstanding” or “communication gap” to justify their failure in the relationship. But I have deduced... Continue Reading →

"Savage Peoples are ruled by passion, civilized Peoples by the mind."                                                         - Carl Von Clausewitz Everyone accepts the fact that it is the citizen of the country who maketh... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day for Parents

I remember the excitement for the month of February when Valentine's week approached, and every couple used to spend days & nights thinking how to make it special for each other. A planning for different celebrating days of the Valentine week is no less complex than an event planning; it must be unique, special, full... Continue Reading →


"She is my Son" uttered a proud father of a daughter as she was doing everything in her life which is only expected to be done by a son. This may sound like quite an achievement for the girl daughter but this sentiment has a darker side attached to it. Let me explain. I was born in 20th Century. It was... Continue Reading →

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