My Professional Work


I hold a post-graduation degree in Masters of Computer Application (M.C.A)

Work Domain

I worked with India based software company for 6 years.

Content Strategist & Consultant

  •  SEO Work

I have done SEO on these websites

I have done cross-linking between the web pages, written Meta Tags for each and every page of above-mentioned sites, and keywords stuffing.

Featured Content

On an Educational blog for Kelvin Institute 

My Online Content Work

  • For Service Industries 

  • Educational Blog Writing 

  • Professional Websites & Technical Writing (Past Employer)

Kelvin Institute of Technology – 

This is one of my past employer’s website which was launched in 2012. First, Second and Third draft’s content of the complete website was written by me.

Along with website’s content, I have written content for promotional materials like college yearbooks. The soft copy of this yearbook is also available online.

Educational Institute Blog

Kalosoft Software –

This is another business of my past employer. Here are the links to some of my content writing work.

  1. Blogs and articles related to software being offered

2. Step-by-step guide for using HRM software product

3. An Online User Manual for Human Resource Software Product

4. A short book on Human Resources

5. A short presentation over “What is HRM?”

  • Third-Party Sites

I have written some technical content on reputed third-party portals in order to promote the software products. Few of the links are as follows:—hris-software-520643.html

  • Freelance Writing (Technical & Blog Writing)

The content was written as per SEO and user-friendly rules.

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